Yoga Camp Testimonial

January 16, 2024

We were so grateful to find Michele’s yoga camp this summer. Many camps feel like “too much” for our daughter, who is highly sensitive to noise and heat in particular, making summer camps challenging despite her desire for structure and a way to connect with others. Michele was highly attuned to our daughter’s needs before we even stepped foot in her studio, responding thoughtfully after we completed the initial camp form and collaborating with us to support her throughout. Not only did our daughter end up feeling comfortable and having a lot of fun there, we even witnessed her using mindfulness/anxiety management tools she learned there in moments of overwhelm/sensory overload, weeks later. Because she felt comfortable, she was also able to connect with other kids in ways she could not access when in other environments with those same children. She seemed to feel seen, supported, and celebrated for who she is…Michele and her studio are an absolute gem of a resource in our community. Thank you!!!

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