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Sessions are by-appointment.

Call 845-417-1065 to set up an in-person Reiki session.

To schedule a distant Reiki session or Angel Card Reading, you may use the scheduler below.

* Same rates apply to human clients and their animals



  • In-person Reiki healing sessions
  • Distant-Reiki healing sessions
  • Reiki healing for children or pets


  • Angel card readings
  • 50/50 Reiki/Angel card reading


  • 30-minute distant session:  $45
  • 45-minute session:  $60
  • 60-minute session:  $85
  • 1 hour, 30 minute session:  $100


  • 30-minute session: $50
  • 50/50 1 hour session: $85

Client Testimonials

  • “I believe Michele is gifted and was able to create a safe place for my loved one to communicate with me during my Reiki session…. After the Reiki session was done, Michele spoke to me about my experience and helped to clarify many of the feelings I felt.  Her calm, caring, and nurturing tone helped me to feel at ease.  My body and mind felt grounded again.”

    – Donna, client
  • “I have had back pain for years. Michele treated me last night and I can honestly say that I woke up feeling great! I don’t understand completely how it works but I know that I got out of bed without the help of my husband and my back felt good all day. Thanks, Michele!”

    – Kate, client
  • “It was no surprise to me how relaxed I would feel, but at the end of my session I felt the negative energy just leaving my body and it gave me a sense of relief. It was obvious something amazing happened to me when I had a tingly sensation all over my body at the conclusion. Honestly, I did not want to even get off the table! I felt whole again and with a better mind set, especially that my migraine was reduced almost entirely to nothing!”

    – Melissa, client