Reiki for Animals

Reiki for a Dog


Animals, like children, are especially receptive to Reiki energy. They are pure souls and are devoid of the “veil” that descends over our psychic senses as we grow into adulthood. Animals have long been known to have a “sixth sense”, alerting their owners to danger before it happens, or sensing an impending storm, for example. This sense is the animal’s ability to perceive energy around us, including the spirit world. It is because of this that animals intuitively understand what Reiki is and welcome it freely in most cases.

Being smaller than most humans, animals do not require much Reiki to reap the full benefits of a session. Thirty minutes is often all it takes to provide relaxation, peace, and healing to your furry (or feathered, gilled or scaled) pet.

Reiki can be given to any animal, from dogs, to gerbils, even a large zoo animal! All it takes is for the practitioner to ask the animal’s permission and then allow the energy to flow. There are many uses for animal Reiki including:

  • To decrease healing time from injury or surgery
  • Anxiety and separation anxiety
  • Relief of pain
  • Easing the transition during a pet’s passing
  • Relief from emotional trauma or abuse
  • To create feelings of safety and tranquility for a newly acquired pet

During a session your pet will be given the freedom to roam around as it pleases. You may notice, though, that as it begins to accept the energy, your pet will become more relaxed and even sleepy. It’s not uncommon for animals to fall into a deep Reiki sleep, where the greatest healing occurs. When the animal has had enough, it will become active again, often looking for a toy to play with or seeking a drink of water.

Animals are usually very eager to express gratitude toward the practitioner, looking deeply into his or her eyes to express thanks, or presenting the practitioner with some loving hand-licking. Animals eagerly soak up Reiki energy because they intuitively understand the deep healing and comfort it brings.

Animal Reiki sessions can be scheduled through the Sessions page and can be given in-person or via distant Reiki. For animal Reiki stories, please stop by the blog.