Private Yoga Classes

Not sure you’re ready to be part of a whole-class yoga experience? By-appointment private yoga sessions are available.


Private sessions are for children who:

  • May be recovering from injury
  • Feel self-conscious
  • Want to build their strength, skills, and confidence before joining a group studio setting
  • Do not have a schedule that permits them to attend regularly scheduled classes at the studio
  • May have special needs and require an individual experience
  • Want a class specifically tailored to one’s needs

Do you have a small group of friends who want to take yoga together in a private class format?  We can accommodate!  

We also offer private weekly Aerial Yoga Classes in groups up to 3 children. Contact us for availability and pricing.


Family Yoga Classes

Interested in having the whole family take part in a private session?  I offer private family classes as well.  In this format, each individual family member’s needs are met while allowing everyone to work together.  Family classes build trust, create a sense of bonding, and allow for quality time.  This format is also great for families of special needs children.

Contact Michele to set up your private session.