Course Descriptions

Reiki students hold Certificates

Level I

This course is taught as part of a Level I/II Certification and is an introduction to:

  • The history of Reiki
  • How Reiki works
  • Uses of Reiki
  • Japanese Reiki Techniques: Gasho Meditation, Byosen Scanning, Kenyoku, Koki-ho, Jachi-Kiri-Joka-ho, Gyoshi-ho and Enkaku Chiryo
  • Reiki hand positions for treatment of self or others
  • A guided, relaxing meditation
  • Demonstration and practice of Dr. Usui’s technique of the Three Pillars of Reiki during a Reiki session
  • Demonstration and practice of how to provide a complete Reiki session for self and others
  • Demonstration and practice of how to use Byosen Scanning during a session
  • Demonstration and practice of how to utilize beaming; the ability to send Reiki energy at a distance
  • Demonstration and practice of how to visualize auras
  • Reiki Level I attunement

Note: A class manual is included

Level II

This course is the second part of the Level I/II Certification and prepares the student for using Reiki energy, symbols and techniques.

Course curriculum includes:

  • Discussion of Japanese Reiki symbols and their uses
  • Discussion and practice of sending Reiki from a distance to address past, present or future issues
  • A guided meditation
  • Reiki Level II attunement to allow the student to connect to the Reiki source and use Reiki symbols
  • Demonstration and practice of how provide a complete Reiki treatment on self or others using Reiki symbols
  • Demonstration and practice of how Reiki symbols balance the chakras and harmonize the aura.
  • A review of Dr. Usui’s technique using the Three Pillars of Reiki
  • A review of the Hayashi Healing Guide and Japanese Reiki Techniques

Certificate of Completion will be provided after course completion

Advanced Reiki Training (ART)

Advanced Reiki training is the third step in becoming a Reiki Master. The powerful symbol and advanced techniques offered heighten one’s vibration and ability to provide Reiki. It is taught in conjunction with the Reiki Master Teacher Course. (ART/Master Level)

Curriculum includes:

  • The Usui Master symbol which strengthens one’s connection with Reiki energy and heighten the effectiveness of other Reiki symbols
  • A guided Reiki Moving Meditation which aids in releasing energy blockages and increasing the student’s positive energy
  • A guided Reiki meditation
  • ART attunement to further enhance one’s healing abilities
  • Demonstration and practice of utilizing a Reiki crystal grid to continuously send Reiki to oneself and others
  • Reiki Psychic Surgery Techniques (Aura Clearing) to remove deep negative energy and energy blockages

Reiki Master/Teacher

The course includes:

  • Two Tibetan symbols to increase the effectiveness of the other four Reiki symbols
  • Reiki Master Teacher attunement
  • Instruction, demonstration and practice of conducting all attunements including: Reiki Level I, Reiki Level II, Advanced Reiki Training (ART) and Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Healing Attunement Techniques to increase the effectiveness of Reiki sessions and improve clients’ attitude and energy
  • A guided Advanced Reiki Meditation
  • Discussion of the nature and responsibility of creating a Reiki practice

A Certificate of Achievement will be issued after course completion

Note: A class manual is provided