May 28, 2017

Michele’s insight alone about my life situations is both spot on and profound. Her messages are always positive and inspiring, so that I feel validated and motivated to make the necessary changes I need to move forward in the direction I need to go…..WHATEVER it may be about: family, love, career, life path, etc…Michele’s ability to receive divine wisdom is impressive and comforting, whether in time of need and desperation or just validation. Add in an angel card reading and it only enhances the information she can pass along with greater detail. The angel cards themselves are beautiful, but Michele’s ability to interpret the messages the angels are revealing through the cards is what makes it such a powerful combination….beautiful angel cards now become mini snap shots of past, present, or future life situations…… Did I mention she is non-judgmental? I feel safe confiding in and communicating with Michele. When I communicate with her, I truly am speaking to an angel directly…..;) Light and love!”

– Shaine Amour, client
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