Animals Love Reiki

August 25, 2015

The first time I realized how receptive animals are to the healing aspect of Reiki was completely by accident. In fact, it happened while I was training my first Reiki student at her home. Mary had a small brood of French bulldogs who were friendly and curious. They sniffed and snorted their way around the house, often stopping for a few scratches behind the ear or a belly rub.

I had decided that in order to properly demonstrate the proper hand positions for a full Reiki treatment, we needed a stand-in client. I asked Mary’s ten-year-old-daughter, Fiona, if she would be willing to accept a complimentary healing session, so her mom could observe the process, and she gladly agreed. While I briefed her on what she could expect during the session, the dogs busily roamed the room, perhaps checking to see if we’d left behind any crumbs or treats for them to nibble on.

I asked Fiona to lie down and began the treatment. Within a couple of minutes, she was completely relaxed, with her breaths coming in deep, rhythmic waves; the telltale sign a client has opened themselves to the energy and the healing has begun. It was at that point I realized how quiet and still the room had become. I glanced down and noticed that all four dogs had positioned themselves at the foot of the treatment table and had fallen into a calm and restful state. There was no more wandering around. No sniffing and snorting for treats. Just deep, rhythmic breaths that mirrored Fiona’s. The dogs remained in this position for the duration of the treatment, soaking up the energy which had begun to fill the room. They had been drawn to it, knowing instinctively that it was good for them and that they too, could enjoy the wonderful benefits of Reiki.

French Bulldogs courtesy