Why Do I See Light During a Reiki Session?

October 19, 2015

At the conclusion of a session, clients have often told me that they could see a bright white light during treatment, even though their eyes had been closed the whole time. They frequently describe the experience as feeling like someone has turned on a bright overhead light or sunlight streaming in through a nearby window.

One client was so convinced that the sun had been the reason for the bright light that I actually led her over to the window to see the dark, cloudy sky. The sun had been nowhere in sight.

On another occasion, I ran into a client while shopping at the grocery store. She stopped me to once again thank me for the session and then proceeded to ask me if I had shone a bright light on her during the treatment. I of course explained that I had not, and she began to marvel at how she’d been certain I had since there was no way any outside sunlight could have contributed. (We had been in a windowless room during the session.)

The question still remained. Why did clients experience this phenomenon? The answer is simple.
Reiki energy.

To the practitioner who can readily feel the energy coursing through his or her body and being emitted through the hands, there is no doubt that Reiki is not only doing its work on the client, but also filling the room. When the client experiences this visual phenomenon, he or she is becoming aware of the presence of Reiki.

The healing work of Reiki begins the minute the practitioner sets the intention for the session and intends to be a conduit through which the energy can flow. Reiki, and its divine consciousness knows exactly what areas are most in need and gets to work harmonizing the physical and energy bodies of the client. When the client experiences this visual phenomenon of perceiving bright light, he or she is witnessing Reiki energy surrounding them. When this happens, Reiki, which can sometimes seem like an intangible entity, can actually be seen.

Often, when the bright light is perceived, it brings with it feelings of great hope, love, optimism, happiness and clarity. It is quite literally the presence of the Divine.

I can recall having this experience during one of my first Reiki sessions. I had been experiencing some physical pain and was also trying to release negative emotions. I was relaxed and at peace throughout the session of course, but can vividly remember one point in which it seemed that bright white light had begun streaming through the window across the room. It was purer and brighter than any light I’d ever experienced before, even on the sunniest day at the beach. Yet the light did not feel hot or oppressive. It was cool and pure and it filled me with feelings of hope and release, so much so that it nearly brought me to tears. In that moment, I knew on both a physical and soul level that I was in the presence of something far greater than myself. I was protected. I was loved. And I was being healed.

While it doesn’t happen during every session, when this phenomenon occurs, it is profound.