Reiki Helps Heal Injury

October 19, 2015

When we set out to achieve athletic goals, injury is usually not one of them.  My oldest daughter decided she wanted to run her first 5K at the ripe age of 11. She’d shown promise as a runner two years prior, when she ran the one-mile and placed first in her age group, and then again the year before, as she not only placed first again, but also beat her previous finish time.

The 5K charity race was scheduled on a crisp September morning. My daughter, nervous yet excited, was listening to my husband, a former local track star (although he cringes every time I describe him that way), as to how to warm up. After completing a warm-up lap, Maddie began to stretch. However, as she moved from a standing calf stretch to a deep runner’s lunge, one of my younger daughters playfully jumped onto Maddie’s back. Instantly, Maddie cried out in pain, as the force of her sister’s weight caused a strain on her upper thigh.

“I can’t move it,” she cried. Tears streamed down her face as concern that she wouldn’t be able to run the race matched her pain.

Moving swiftly, I place my hands on Maddie’s thigh and allowed Reiki to flow to the area. After a couple of minutes, Maddie’s weeping subsided and her body relaxed. Reiki was flowing strongly, but my ego still questioned whether it would be enough to allow Maddie full motion of her leg to run the race.

I continued to let Reiki flow for a few more minutes until the energy had begun to diminish. “How does your leg feel?” I asked. Maddie slowly stood up, raised her leg a few times and smiled.

“All better,” she replied. She went on to run the 5K as if the injury never happened and placed first in her age group. I was reminded that day, that while the ego tries to have us believe we are not capable of helping others heal, the consciousness of Reiki knows better and knows just what to do.

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