Demystifying the Angel Card Reading

November 22, 2015

Can Angel Card Readings Be Negative?

Tarot cards have been used for perhaps hundreds of years. Their beginnings were quite sweet, with loving, helpful messages. Somewhere along the way, however, some people felt it would be a good idea to include dark, ominous, or even scary pictures and messages in tarot cards. This decision cast a negative light on card readings as many people feared the foretelling of their own death or malicious acts being done to them.
Fortunately, in recent years, the re-emergence of positive, loving cards have allowed people to hear the messages from the Divine without feeling fearful. In my angel card readings, I use only card decks with helpful, uplifting and insightful messages. Even those messages related to health or major life changes are shown in ways that are positive and proactive, so that the client never feels scared or intimidated.

How Does a Certified Angel Card Reader® Give an Individual Reading?

I begin by praying over the deck and asking for my guides to assist with the reading and allow only the most useful and pertinent cards to be drawn. I ask for help in allowing my own ego to step out of the way so that I can clearly hear the messages coming through without my own human “filter” impeding the reading. I then ask the client to ask his or her question, which sets the intention for the session. I then begin shuffling the deck, allowing the Law of Attraction to show me which cards should be pulled. Once the cards have been pulled (the number of which may vary, depending on how many I am guided to use), I begin to interpret their messages.

How Do the Cards Get Interpreted?

Interpretation of the cards is multi-faceted. I use all my senses, including my sixth sense of intuition to explain the meaning of each card as well as the relationship of all the cards to one another to the client. A card reading usually tells a story, and as such, it is important to look not just at each individual card, but how the cards’ meanings tie together.

While I am conducting the reading, I receive “downloads” of information from the Divine. These downloads can take the form of visions, words, sounds, or a sudden strong knowingness. When conducting a reading via text or email, this download often takes the form of automatic writing.

If There Are a Set Number of Cards in a Deck, How Can a Person Be Assured the Reading is Personal?

While two different readings for two different people may draw the same exact card, each client can be assured that the reading is tailored specifically to him or her. This is possible because specific elements of the card’s picture or message “jump out” at me as the reader during a session. For instance, in the card Queen of Gabriel, the staff may appear as the prominent image to me as I conduct the session with Jennifer. The staff would indicate that she may find herself in a leadership position. Yet, when drawing the same card for Donna, the cat sitting at the queen’s feet may be the image that seems to come to the forefront, indicating a new journey working with or adopting animals. In addition, the other cards which appear alongside the card at hand all play a role in what the message is for that person. And finally, the “download” that I receive in regard to each card differs depending on each person’s individual circumstance and question.

What if a Client Doesn’t Live Locally or Lives in A Different Time Zone?

The beauty of our modern world is that a client doesn’t need to be physically present in order to receive a reading. Clients can ask their question via email, text, Facebook messaging, or phone and the reading can be done remotely. If the reading takes place by phone, the client receives the messages immediately. If being conducted by text, email, or Facebook messaging, photos of each card are sent as well as a written copy of the reading.

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