Children as Reiki Practitioners

July 25, 2016

Children today are living in a world filled with over-stimulation and stress. It can cause even the most mild-mannered, easy-going kid to feel overwhelmed and drained. Our precarious world can cause children to live in continuous “fight or flight” mode. This constant level of heightened adrenaline and stress hormones wreak havoc on a child’s small body, spirit, and mind.

While we adults may have enjoyed a more stable childhood atmosphere in which to live, today’s children need coping mechanisms to deal with the constant onslaught of pressure. Practices such a yoga, meditation, mindfulness are fantastic tools for helping a child become more centered. But have you ever considered Reiki for your child? A Reiki session is a wonderful way to bring relaxation and peace. It can help reduce discomfort and pain, and is wonderful for children with special needs. But a child doesn’t just benefit from receiving Reiki from a practitioner. A child can learn Reiki and have the ability to treat herself!

When a child learns how to do Reiki, she has a greater ability to manage stress and anxiety. By simply placing her hands over her heart or wherever she feels the Reiki needs to go, she begins to feel calming waves of peaceful, loving energy. Having the ability to do Reiki allows a child to feel empowered as she becomes responsible for her own healing. This feeling of empowerment is critical for children who live in a world of uncertainty, which causes them to feel powerless and insecure.

A child with Reiki also has the ability to help others. By simply placing her hands over Mom or Dad’s forehead, she can help alleviate a headache. By placing her hands on her cat, she can help the furry friend settle down and rest. And by filling a room with Reiki energy, she allows everyone around her to feel calmer and less stressed.

Children who learn Reiki have the ability for life. It’s a tool that can be employed in a multitude of situations.
Reiki can help with:

-Anxiety before a test
-Healing an injury
-Reducing discomfort/pain
-Reducing stress
-Improving sleep
-Calming emotions
-Increasing joy
-Feeling a sense of calm and inner peace
-Reaching and maintaining overall well-being

Reiki is easily learned. In fact, many children intuitively place their hands on someone else’s “boo-boo” to provide comfort. Once they are practitioners, children can allow healing energy to flow to that area and speed recovery.

Children need as many tools in their coping tool kits as possible. Reiki is a wonderful modality to help them navigate an uncertain environment by providing a sense of peace, calm, and relaxation.

Reiki classes for children are now forming! If you are interested in having your child learn Reiki, please see the Current Classes and register today. It’s a true gift to give your child.