Animals Love Reiki

August 25, 2015

The first time I realized how receptive animals are to the healing aspect of Reiki was completely by accident. In fact, it happened while I was training my first Reiki student at her home. Mary had a small brood of French bulldogs who were friendly and curious. They sniffed and snorted their way around the house, often stopping for a few scratches behind the ear or a belly rub.

I had decided that in order to properly demonstrate the proper hand positions for a full Reiki treatment, we needed a stand-in client. I asked Mary’s ten-year-old-daughter, Fiona, if she would be willing to accept a complimentary healing session, so her mom could observe the process, and she gladly agreed. While I briefed her on what she could expect during the session, the dogs busily roamed the room, perhaps checking to see if we’d left behind any crumbs or treats for them to nibble on.

I asked Fiona to lie down and began the treatment. Within a couple of minutes, she was completely relaxed, with her breaths coming in deep, rhythmic waves; the telltale sign a client has opened themselves to the energy and the healing has begun. It was at that point I realized how quiet and still the room had become. I glanced down and noticed that all four dogs had positioned themselves at the foot of the treatment table and had fallen into a calm and restful state. There was no more wandering around. No sniffing and snorting for treats. Just deep, rhythmic breaths that mirrored Fiona’s. The dogs remained in this position for the duration of the treatment, soaking up the energy which had begun to fill the room. They had been drawn to it, knowing instinctively that it was good for them and that they too, could enjoy the wonderful benefits of Reiki.

French Bulldogs courtesy

Reiki and Childbirth

August 25, 2015

Childbirth is one of the many instances in which Reiki can be of great benefit. Reiki can be used in many situations: To protect and harmonize the energy of an area, to alleviate anxiety, and to facilitate communication between individuals, just to name a few. However, Reiki is a remarkable modality to use during stressful situations or those which involve pain. So why not utilize it to alleviate the pain, discomfort, and stress related to labor and childbirth?

During each of my four deliveries, I received distant Reiki from one or more of my “Reiki friends” as I like to call them. When labor began, I simply placed a call or sent a text message asking that these practitioners send me Reiki. I then sat in the most comfortable position I could muster and waited for the energy to do its thing. Within minutes of Reiki being sent, I could feel a gentle sense of calm washing over me. It was as if a silky veil of love and light had been draped around my tense body. I became more grounded, centered. While Reiki did not completely eliminate the pain, it gave me a sense of peace and focus as I rode each wave. It allowed me to be completely present in the experience rather than distracted by contractions.

The amazing thing about Reiki is that it has a tendency to fill an entire space, particularly if the practitioner asks that Reiki be sent to the entire situation, not just the person. When distant Reiki was sent during my deliveries, it allowed the entire room to become infused with Reiki energy so that everyone—doctors, nurses, my husband, myself, and even the baby— could benefit from its positive, calming effect. Knowing we were all enveloped in pure loving, healing light, I never had any worry or doubt that my deliveries would be anything but pure joy.

Are you or someone you know about to experience the thrill of childbirth? You can request distant Reiki be sent to that person through the Sessions page.

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Healing With Crystals

August 24, 2015

Why Crystals?

Crystals have long been known for their healing abilities. They come from the earth and have their own healing vibration. The ancients intuitively knew which crystals could be used for different situations or ailments. Over the millennium, as we became more “modernized” and “evolved”, our understanding of these miraculous stones began to seep from our consciousness, in place of the traditional medicines and practices we know today. Fortunately, there are still many people who understand the amazing healing and restorative properties that crystals possess. Even scientists are beginning to see their value. For example, they have discovered that Shungite contains extraordinary anti-oxidant properties. This new understanding may lead to better, more advanced health care and cancer prevention.

By utilizing crystals in our everyday lives, we are tapping into an ancient wisdom. Mother Earth has naturally created all the medicines/remedies we will ever need. Crystals are one such remedy for finding natural wellness.

What Can Crystals Do For Me?

There seems to be an unlimited number of ways that we can use crystals in our personal or professional life and they are meant to be used by everyone, not just those who do energy work like Reiki. The following is a brief list of some of the benefits of working with these amazing stones.

Crystals have the ability to:

Balance and clear the chakras
Facilitate feelings of inner harmony
Protect from negative and lower energies
Reduce pain
Bring healing to the body
Release energy blockages
Drive away negative thought patterns
Create new, healthier habits
Help us release all that no longer serves us
Help improve memory/concentration
Increase intuition
Expand consciousness, especially during meditation
Transmute electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress
Connect us to our Higher Selves
Open the third eye
Help us to connect to the spirit world
Promote feelings of bliss
Provide grounding

Why not sign up for a crystal workshop to learn more? See the Current Classes page for upcoming dates.