Angel Card Readings

What Does an Angel Card Reader Do?

As a Certified Angel Card Reader® I can act as a channel through which your angels can speak. By pulling cards, I help you hear the messages your angels want you to know, which can assist you in making major life decisions, provide insight to a current situation, or just hear the words of validation you are looking for.

Why angel cards?

Angel cards are a safe, fun, and accurate way to receive divine answers to the questions swimming in your head. When will I find my soul mate? Should I change careers? Why am I feeling so tired and lethargic lately? What is my life purpose? These are some common questions that can be answered through an angel card reading.

Much like traditional tarot cards, angel cards tap into a universal wisdom through the Law of Attraction, however, angel cards are much gentler and sweeter. After all, the messages come directly from your angels who love and support you unconditionally.

What if I don’t believe in angels? Will a reading still work for me?

Angels are non-denominational. Everyone is born with guardian angels, whether they believe or not. You will still receive an accurate, loving message through an angel card reading no matter what your religious beliefs.

How does an angel card reading work?

An angel card reading begins when you ask your question. For example: Is it time for me to move forward on a commitment? or Is it time to start a family? I then tap into the angelic realm and while shuffling the deck, ask that the most accurate, clear messages be given to you. Next, I begin pulling the cards which have been divinely chosen for you and intuitively interpret their messages. Your angel reading can be done over the phone, by email or even text.

Can an angel card reading be combined with a Reiki session?

Absolutely! Combining the two modalities will only deepen the healing and insight you receive. Usually, the Reiki session would take place first, allowing you to relax deeply and become more open to hearing your messages. At the conclusion of the session, I will pull your cards to add further guidance and that etheric punctuation mark on the session.

To schedule an angel card reading or 50/50 session, please visit the Sessions page.

Client Testimonials

  • “Michele did an angel card reading for me and I received great clarification on my career goals. At the time of my reading, I was unsure whether or not my new career as a parent educator would be long term. Michele’s reading confirmed for me that I was right on track with my career and that I had a long future as a parent educator as well as a healer for children. What I found most beneficial, was the beauty of Michele’s writing and how she is able to interpret and express the messages she got from my reading. It seems as if messages come through her as she is writing. I am now confident that my life purpose is to give a lot of my time to helping parents and children in their tough journeys ahead. Thank you, Michele.”

    – Donna, client
  • Michele’s insight alone about my life situations is both spot on and profound. Her messages are always positive and inspiring, so that I feel validated and motivated to make the necessary changes I need to move forward in the direction I need to go…..WHATEVER it may be about: family, love, career, life path, etc…Michele’s ability to receive divine wisdom is impressive and comforting, whether in time of need and desperation or just validation. Add in an angel card reading and it only enhances the information she can pass along with greater detail. The angel cards themselves are beautiful, but Michele’s ability to interpret the messages the angels are revealing through the cards is what makes it such a powerful combination….beautiful angel cards now become mini snap shots of past, present, or future life situations…… Did I mention she is non-judgmental? I feel safe confiding in and communicating with Michele. When I communicate with her, I truly am speaking to an angel directly…..;) Light and love!”

    – Shaine Amour, client
  • “Michele’s gifts and strength are astounding. She gives amazing clarity and confirmations from my angels. She helped raise my own awareness of things I may have thought of, but assured me that they were truly intended to happen. I feel a sense of true balance when Michele communicates with me. It’s as if she specifically picked words that would allow me to best understand the guidance being given. What she has given me will stay with me always.”

    – Lisa, client